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With offices in Spain and Italy we are a Law Firm specialised in insolvency, commercial litigation, bank recovery, property litigation, and tort Law. Our commercial litigation experience takes in shareholder disputes, professional negligence claims, corporate disputes, asset recovery, commercial contract claims, and any kind of liability, among which the following:

  • Enforcement in Spain and Italy of foreign judgments and awards,
  • Representation of creditors in national and international insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings;
  • Judicial and out-of-court assistance to creditors to collect insolvent and bankrupt companies’ debts;
  • Liability of administrators for possible corporate debts to protect creditors’ economic interests.
  • Legal counsel and assistance to debtors:
  • How to deal with failure of a corporate body: reconstruction, re-financing and restructuring advice;
  • Representation of debtors in Court for insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Negotiation and settlement of debts and deferred payment;
  • Advising directors on how to protect them against liabilities and contingencies that might arise in insolvent and bankrupt companies.
  • Services in procedural, civil, commercial and labour law:
  • Legal counsel on all types of proceedings, appeals and assistance in all phases of the various proceedings
  • Legal observations on the risks associated with specific situations
  • Preventive studies aimed at identifying possible legal risks and preventive planning to avoid them
  • Preparation of pre-trial strategies to ensure better defending of our clients’ interests
  • Services in domestic and international arbitration
  • Study of arbitrations court’s selection and the law applicable to the arbitration proceedings
  • Drafting of submission to arbitration clauses and framework of legal norms applicable to them
  • Representation in domestic and international arbitrations
  • Handling of the execution of foreign arbitral awards
  • Contestation of arbitral awards
  • Mediating services
  • Representation in civil, commercial, industrial property and copyright proceedings
  • Service as mediators
  • Non-contractual and professional liability
  • Insolvency and delinquency
  • Attendace at trials
  • traffic accidents
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